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Proposing referenda

This page describes how to submit a Citizen-initiated referenda, as specified in Article 37.2 of the Charter, for this election. There were 28 validly cast votes in the last election. This means the number of citizens required to add a referendum to the next election is <20% of 28 =6 rounded>.

See also: referenda proposal text.


How to create a referendum

To create a referendum, simply...

  1. Create a subpage of this election's Referenda page, e.g. *[[CZ:Election December 2012/Referenda/<referendum number>|Referendum Name]]. Choose a referendum number one higher than the last referendum added.
  2. Add a link to that subpage to the list given in the following referenda section.
  3. Add your name as the proposer by signing with four tildes, underneath and indented with two asterisks: **Proposed by ~~~~.

Discussion of a referendum should occur on the Talk page of the newly created subpage.

How to support a referendum

Add your name as a supporter by signing with four tildes, underneath the proposer's name and indented with two asterisks:**Supported by ~~~~

Citizen-initiated referenda

December 2012

  • Add your title and subpage link here
    • Add 'Proposed by ~~~~' here
    • Add 'Supported by ~~~~' here
    • Add 'Supported by ~~~~' here