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CZ:Charter drafting committee/Position statements/Stephen Ewen

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I began at Citizendium during the private pilot, held the role of Assistant to the Chief Constable for over a year, and now author occasionally. Vocationally I am an educator at a community college. As someone who has experienced the shortcomings of the Wikipedia system first-hand, I believe deeply that the foundational ideals upon which Dr. Sanger initiated the Citizendium stand, over time, to produce a world-class free encyclopedia. To help bring this about, the Charter must serve as a foundational document of self-governance upon which the project may thrive and self-perpetutate. The Charter must comprise a concise statement of the project's foundational principles, enumerate clear roles and responsibilities, provide checks and balances, and mechanisms for conflict resolution and for the community to adapt while adhering to foundational principles. Stephen Ewen 06:30, 2 October 2009 (UTC)
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