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CZ:Charter/Things to address

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Starting this page to place some of the things that we can address, or at least provide a way to address these things, in the charter. This may include things that should be institutionalized but not directly in the charter, which are collected at CZ:Charter drafting/Things to address but not in charter.

  1. dispute resolution concerning content, behaviour or technical matters
  2. The judicial process
  3. Who gets to decide about editorship? Ed council
  4. Who gets to decide about technical features, e.g. new subpage types? Ed Council
  5. Quorum. What would be a sufficient mimimum number of members to be termed a 'quorum' on Citizendium?
  6. Rights and responsibilities of each role (authors, editors, E-i-C, constables, etc.)
  7. Checks and Balances on the powers of the Constabulary and Ed Council.
  8. Who makes up the editorial council
  9. Author obligation to make best effort at neutrality, or at least to recognize when a partisan view is stated; not Editor job to take advocacy positions and "neutralize". Stated alternatively, this is not a place for advocacy
  10. Reliability marking on articles/data
  11. Alliances (e.g., could we be the publication place of record for a professional group that primarily does presentations and mailing lists?)
  12. Granularity of expertise/workgroups -- who and how decided?