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The CZ Culture

Hoping Joe will not beat me too badly for taking anthropology in vain, it occurred to me, as I partook of a first cup of coffee and perhaps still was asleep, that there might be some useful analogies to tribal structures, economics (Martin, don't beat me) and ecology. These images might help us "think outside the box" of the established roles of Editors, Constables, Authors, etc.

  • Hunter-gatherers: those who find material to import as a starting point, not from other encyclopedias but primary sources, presentations, etc., which form a starting point for articles
  • Cultivators: those who seed and grow articles
  • Farm planners and ecologists: Editors who guide the farm placement and look for both pests and needs for intellectual nutrients
  • Traders: external relations people, who form alliances both for tools (research and presentation) and content
  • Marriage brokers: who bring new members into the CZ tribe
  • Defenders: those who maintain the customs and civility
  • Bards: critical to recruiting and funding, these are the people that tell the world of what we do. Meg might want this done by Led Zeppelin.

Howard C. Berkowitz 13:07, 16 October 2009 (UTC)

I'm more of a tea person Howard. I would think telling people what we do would be better filled by Heralds, while the Bards entertain those in the forum. Meg Ireland 11:50, 17 October 2009 (UTC)