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CZ:Biology Workgroup/Biology Week/Forums

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Biology Week Web forum sign-up sheet

Please expand and maintain this record of our Web forum recruitment activity!

You can add any Biology-related Web forum to this table.

Forum name Web address Posting permission needed? If permission needed, moderator name If permission needed, contact info for moderator If permission needed, was permission request sent? If permission needed, permission got Initial post made Start-of-week reminder made Volunteer
how what why No  ??  ?? Hope it won't get deleted  ?? Yes Yes, only post Tom Kelly 19:37, 23 September 2008 (CDT)
Notes: notes here
name address No? moderator e-mail No No No No sign
Notes: notes here
name address No? moderator e-mail No No No No sign
Notes: notes here

To add to the list, copy the following template and paste it above |} .

|<!-- Write forum name --> name
|<!-- Write Web address --> address
|<!-- Is posting permission needed on this forum? (Yes or No) --> No?
|<!-- Write name of moderator (if needed) --> moderator
|<!-- Write contact info for moderator (if needed) --> e-mail
|<!-- If needed, was permission to post requested yet? (Yes or No)--> No
|<!-- Was permission received (if needed)? (Yes or No) --> No
|<!-- Was the initial post to the forum made? (Yes or No) --> No
|<!-- Was a start-of-week reminder made on the forum? (Yes or No) --> No
|<!-- To volunteer to handle this forum, write your name, i.e., ~~~ --> sign
|colspan=7|<!-- General notes --> notes here