Ben Goldacre

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Ben Goldacre is a doctor, author of The Guardian's "Bad Science" column and a book of the same name. The book and column mock – often satirically – purported pseudoscience, and poor media reporting thereof.

Goldacre has debunked claims by television nutritionist Gillian McKeith to have a Ph.D, and the prefixing of her name with "Dr", by making it known that her Ph.D is actually from an unaccredited diploma mill, the Clayton College of Natural Health. This prompted McKeith to stop using the title, following a complaint to the Advertising Standards Authority.[1] Goldacre's other targets have included: anti-vaccination campaigners and journalists (over the MMR scares brought about by Andrew Wakefield); Brain Gym (a system of "educational kinesiology"); the inflated claims of Omega-3 fish oils; homeopathy; and myriad other pseudosciences.


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