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Battle of the Beams/Related Articles

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A list of Citizendium articles, and planned articles, about Battle of the Beams.
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Parent topics

  • Electronic warfare [r]: A subset of information operations that deals with the use of electromagnetic or kinetic means to degrade an enemy's military electronics systems, to be able to operate one's own electronics in the face of enemy attacks, and to evade those attacks through protection or deception [e]
  • Electronic intelligence [r]: Collection and analysis of electronic signals not intended to be intelligible to humans, such as radar or navigational aids [e]
  • Strategic bombing [r]: Strategic strike attacks against the homeland military forces, population and industry of a nation, conducted by manned bomber aircraft [e]


Other related topics

  • Battle of Britain [r]: Those German offensive air strikes, and British defense, with which the Germans had intended to establish air supremacy for their proposed invasion of Britain [e]
  • Luftwaffe [r]: The German Air Force, both the current and WWII organization; the current usage includes the forces after German unification [e]
  • Royal Air Force [r]: The British military service primarily responsible for air warfare [e]