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B-1 Lancer (bomber)

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Operated by the U.S. Air Force, the B-1 Lancer, a supersonic-capable heavy bomber, stealthier than the B-52 but less so than the B-2 Spirit, has intercontinental range through air refueling. "Lancer" is rarely used; the informal name is the "Bone" (B-ONE).

Under arms control agreements, it is not equipped to carry nuclear arms. Like the Russian Tu-22M, it is a high-performance bomber now intended for a regional conflict role, not strategic strike.

The B-1 can carry a substantial amount of electronic warfare equipment, and there are proposals to make a dedicated standoff jammer version of the B-1, now that the EA-6B Prowler is reaching the end of its service live. Alternatively, the B-1 shares the AN/ALQ-214 integrated radio frequency countermeasures system, which has modular jammers. If a B-1 configured for attack is escorted by an EF-18 Growler or some future dedicated electronic warfare platform, the mission planners may choose not to insert the jammers into the AN/ALQ-214.