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This editable Main Article is under development and not meant to be cited; by editing it you can help to improve it towards a future approved, citable version. These unapproved articles are subject to a disclaimer. is a web project with a generally libertarian, isolationist and non-interventionist policy, challenging the assumption that antiwar activity is inherently of the Left. It began as opposition to U.S. involvement in the Balkans under the Clinton Administration, and subsequently to Haiti and Kosovo and bombings of Sudan and Afghanistan. "The founders of were active in the Libertarian Party during the 1970s; in 1983, we founded the Libertarian Republican Organizing Committee to work as a libertarian caucus within the GOP. Today, we are seeking to challenge the traditional politics of 'Left' and 'Right.'"[1] The domain name was registered in 1995. [2]

"Our opposition to war is rooted in Randolph Bourne's concept that "War is the health of the State." With every war, America has made a "great leap" into statism, and as Bourne emphasized, "it is during war that one best understands the nature of that institution [the State]." At its core, that nature includes an ever increasing threat to individual liberty and the centralization of political power." also describes itself as "Forged in the experience of the first Balkan war, has become the Internet newspaper of record for a growing international movement, the central locus of opposition to a new imperialism that masks its ambitions in the rhetoric of "human rights," "humanitarianism," "freedom from terror," and "global democracy." The totalitarian liberals and social democrats of the West have unilaterally and arrogantly abolished national sovereignty and openly seek to overthrow all who would oppose their bid for global hegemony. They have made enemies of the patriots of all countries, and it is time for those enemies to unite – or perish alone

" represents the truly pro-America side of the foreign policy debate. With our focus on a less centralized government and freedom at home, we consider ourselves the real American patriots. "America first!" regards the traditions of a republican government and non-interventionism as paramount to freedom – a concept that helped forge the foundation of this nation."[1]

In America at the Crossroads: Democracy, Power, and the Neoconservative Legacy, Francis Fukuyama describes aspects of such a position as Jacksonian American nationalism. He sees it as one of several doctrines, including neoconservatism, that will fuse into a new synthesis of foreign policy. In the "Frequently Asked Questions" section of the website, one exchange includes:

  • A:An site that labels itself "Your best source for antiwar news, viewpoint and activities" must cover all antiwar issues. This includes those from the Right and the Left and thus explains the interesting dichotomy of ideologies that presents itself on many occasions.

Indeed, editorials may come from people identified at very different ends of ideology, who agree on a specific aspect of foreign policy but not an overall political view.


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