Anna Eshoo

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Anna Eshoo is a liberal U.S. Representative belonging to the (U.S. Democratic Party and representing the 14th Congressional District of California. After the Washington Post] published its "Top Secret America" report on the large contractor apparatus linked to the United States intelligence community and other national security programs, shehad “praised” the Post investigation into intelligence contractors, which she said “in so many ways makes the case for strong oversight — and that’s Congress’s job.”[1]

An Eshoo aide said “she would” support full scale hearings on intelligence contractors.


The 14th District includes San Francisco, Santa Cruz and San Jose, with portions of San Mateo, Santa Clara and Santa Cruz counties. It contains the heart of Silicon Valley.



Foreign policy


  1. Jeff Stein (23 July 2010), "Spy Talk: Intelligence oversight panels dodge contractor reform", Washington Post