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American Conservative Defense Alliance

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The American Conservative Defense Alliance is a think tank and interest group that supports national security conservatism, emphasizing that the United States should take foreign action only in service of vital national interests. Its platform states:[1]

  • Supporting a strong, cost-effective and Constitutional national defense strategy, the purpose of which is to secure the lives, liberty, and property of the American people.
  • Creating, strengthening, and maintaining military forces capable of defeating any enemy that attacks the United States. Ensuring that America’s soldiers, airmen, marines, sailors, coast guard and reserve component forces are the best equipped, trained, and led military forces in the world.
  • Promoting a foreign policy of strategic independence, thereby avoiding foreign conflicts unless there is a verifiable and imminent threat to the United States. If the U.S. does engage in military action, there must be clear standards for victory and exit. Absent exceptional circumstances, when a vital national interest is at stake, America should neither underwrite regimes nor engage in nation building
  • Providing to the world examples of how to maintain a free and prosperous society based on the rule of Constitutional law, individual liberty, and the rights of private property.

Its positions reject the doctrines of neoconservatism.


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