Ahmed Agiza

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Ahmed Agiza, an Egyptian citizen resident in Sweden, was seized in Sweden in December 2001, and was rendered, by the Central Intelligence Agency, who flew him to Egypt. He seeks damages for that flight as a plaintiff in Mohamed et al. v. Jeppesen Dataplan, Inc.; that complaint states he was tortured. [1] It should be noted that neither this case, nor the International Commission of Jurists, have spoken to the merits of allegations against Agiza. There seems to be general agreement that he was tortured, so, if this was known to the U.S., there would be concern over violation of the refoulement doctrine of the Convention against Torture.

In a Washington Post article, his lawyers agreed he had belonged to Egyptian Islamic Jihad and had been affiliated with al-Qaeda second-in-command Ayman al-Zawahiri, the latter over 10 years ago. He had, in 1999, while living in Iran, been convicted in absentia by an Egyptian military court for being a member of an illegal organization.[2]

Sweden considered, but did not take, criminal action against its government employees that had participated in the extraordinary rendition. The International Commission of Jurists reported that in September 2008, he had been awarded damages of 3 million kroner (USD $450,000), but was concerned that "Sweden has failed to provide full reparation to the two victims, which should include not only compensation, but also rehabilitation, satisfaction, including restitution and satisfaction and guarantees of non-repetition." As of January 2009, he remained in Egyptian prison.[3]


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