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AN/ALQ-144(V) is the designation for a family of electronic warfare devices, developed by the U.S. Army, which jam and deceive the guidance of heat-seeking missiles. The system is carried by helicopters, including the UH-1 "Huey" family, AH-1 Cobra, H-60 series, AH-64 Apache and OH-64 Kiowa Warrior. There are two basic components: the operator control unit and the jammer. The original (V) version used an electrical heat lamp, which did not generate enough heat energy to jam missiles approaching from any angle. In the upgraded V(1) and V(3), infrared energy of greater intensity and a wider spectrum comes from a burning fuel, rather than a lamp. The OCU of the V(3), however, also can simultaneously control the AN/ALQ-136 radar jammer.

AN/ALQ-147s are a variant for low-speed fixed-wing aircraft.