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501(c)(3): In U.S. tax law, an organization that has been determined to be nonprofit and nonpolitical; contributions to it are tax-deductible; it can engage in research and education but not efforts to affect specific policy or legislation, often a delicate line. [e]

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Parent topics

  • Nonprofit corporation [r]: Any of a number of types of corporation recognized by tax authorities as subject to nondistribution constraints. Under U.S. law, corporations are "legal personalities". The largest category of nonprofit corporation in the U.S. are exempt from federal (and state) taxation, donations to which may be tax deductible under Section 501(c)(3) of the IRS Code if they are nonpolitical, or 501(c)(4) if they engage in political activity [e]


Related topics

  • Philanthropy [r]: Usually has connotations of action for the love (or good) of humankind; can refer narrowly to fundraising or broadly to "private action for the public good" (Robert Payton). [e]
  • Think tank [r]: An organization that presents ideas as expert analysis, the level of objectivity of which varies with the institution, but with an implication of at least some intellectual independence. [e]