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 Definition The capital city of Italy. [d] [e]

Starting off

Hello there. I am new to Citizendium (so please bear with me!) and chose my home city as my first article creation. I imported text from Wikipedia because it was me who rewrote most of the Rome article over there months ago, even though I eventually decided to abandon it for two good reasons. The first is that Wikipedia admins refused my request to disallow anonymous editing in the face of constant anonymous vandalism (I'm talking ten to twenty times a day), and I did not feel like putting more effort into article improvement when evidently admins deemed that it was acceptable for people to deface my work and for me and other authors to lose time in frequent vandalism reverts. (By the way, they eventually saw reason and conceded to protecting the article, but that was months after my leaving it.) Obviously, this is unlikely to be a problem here.

The second reason (and this is my "disclaimer" of my point of view as a CZ author participating to this article) was an insanable difference (read: edit war) with another Wikipedian author who insisted that the religious (Christian) history of the city was to be emphasised, even at the expense of the rest; this reflected the fact that that author's main interest was Christian history, and his involvement in the Rome article stemmed from that. As someone who was born and bred in Rome, I consider the contemporary situation of the city as important as its history (religious or otherwise), and feel that a general article about a major city should aim to present the city in a succint manner and then leave the rest to articles on specific aspects (e.g. History of Rome). So that's how I am approaching this.

First I will try and create small articles for the non-existent links already in the text, then I plan on importing from Wikipedia other sections that I had written (and will be checking the "from WP" box because I remember that minor contributions did exist from others). Of course I welcome any and all help from anyone interested. --Stefano Bartoletti 16:45, 19 August 2007 (CDT)