FA Premier League

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The FA Premier League, also known as "the Premiership", is a professional football league in England which is organised by the Football Association (the FA). It consists of twenty clubs. At the end of each season, the top four teams qualify for next season's UEFA Champions League and the bottom three teams are relegated to the Football League to be replaced by three promoted teams.

The league was formed by the FA in 1992 with the clubs in Football League Division One, which was the top tier of English football. The new league competed for the first time in the 1992–93 season.


The new league was created for commercial reasons with the intention of capturing increased television revenue. Skillful marketing ensured that the tactic was a complete success. As football has become even more commercialised going into the 21st century, the issue of TV rights and subsequent income has become an important issue for clubs and a major source of finance for those involved in the Premier League.

FA Premier League Champions by Season

  • 1992-93 Manchester United
  • 1993-94 Manchester United
  • 1994-95 Blackburn Rovers
  • 1995-96 Manchester United
  • 1996-97 Manchester United
  • 1997-98 Arsenal
  • 1998-99 Manchester United
  • 1999-00 Manchester United
  • 2000-01 Manchester United
  • 2001-02 Arsenal
  • 2002-03 Manchester United
  • 2003-04 Arsenal
  • 2004-05 Chelsea
  • 2005-06 Chelsea
  • 2006-07 Manchester United
  • 2007-08 Manchester United
  • 2008-09 Manchester United
  • 2009-10 Chelsea
  • 2010-11 Manchester United
  • 2011-12 Manchester City
  • 2012-13 Manchester United