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    <blocks bkcontinue="2016-06-03 13:27:23+00|2295" />
      <block id="2307" user="Approvals Committee" by="John Stephenson" timestamp="2018-02-21T16:28:41Z" expiry="infinity" reason="Approval templates link to user accounts, so user pages needed as a workaround: doesn&#039;t need to edit" />
      <block id="2305" user="Muhammad Zahid Iqbal" by="John Stephenson" timestamp="2017-05-13T21:07:55Z" expiry="infinity" reason="Blatant use of the wiki for self-promotion.: 2nd count (violation of 5 and 6 of CZ policies)" noemail="" />
      <block id="2303" user="Jean-Philippe de Lespinay" by="John Stephenson" timestamp="2017-05-02T11:15:11Z" expiry="infinity" reason="Blatant use of the wiki for self-promotion.: Uploading article on themselves for the second time (after 1st EC judgement) - violates 5/6 of CZ Policies list" noemail="" />
      <block id="2302" user="Nasir Tak" by="John Stephenson" timestamp="2017-05-02T11:03:24Z" expiry="infinity" reason="User request: User has resigned" noemail="" />
      <block id="2301" user="Ryan Chan" by="John Stephenson" timestamp="2017-02-14T20:18:22Z" expiry="infinity" reason="Breach of 1(5) of [[CZ:Policies]]: &quot;Citizendium shall prohibit behaviours that restrict the activities of the project or its members, or damage its reputation, including but not limited to unauthorised advertising...&quot;" noemail="" />
      <block id="2300" user="G Test 2" by="John Stephenson" timestamp="2016-10-14T21:54:17Z" expiry="infinity" reason="test" />
      <block id="2299" user="G Test" by="John Stephenson" timestamp="2016-10-11T16:42:02Z" expiry="infinity" reason="email test" />
      <block id="2298" user="Kanayo Okwuraiwe" by="John Stephenson" timestamp="2016-08-15T13:44:46Z" expiry="infinity" reason="Simple duplicate account" />
      <block id="2297" user="Mehdi Ghaed Sharaf" by="John Stephenson" timestamp="2016-06-30T19:36:36Z" expiry="infinity" reason="Simple duplicate account" />
      <block id="2296" user="ElectionJune2016" by="John Stephenson" timestamp="2016-06-11T00:02:23Z" expiry="infinity" reason="voter registration period over" />