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<?xml version="1.0"?>
    <allfileusages afcontinue="Baboon1.jpg" />
      <f ns="6" title="File:B17-G.jpg" />
      <f ns="6" title="File:B-25 in flight.JPG" />
      <f ns="6" title="File:B25s waiting to take off on Doolittle Raid.jpg" />
      <f ns="6" title="File:B-26.jpg" />
      <f ns="6" title="File:B29.jpg" />
      <f ns="6" title="File:B-52 being refueled.jpg" />
      <f ns="6" title="File:B52 carpet.jpg" />
      <f ns="6" title="File:B52.climbout.arp.jpg" />
      <f ns="6" title="File:B52 LITENING closeup.jpg" />
      <f ns="6" title="File:Babasteve-three boys.jpg" />