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      <page pageid="100009604" ns="0" title="Spanish language" />
      <page pageid="100033336" ns="1" title="Talk:B-17 Flying Fortress (bomber)" />
      <page pageid="100059961" ns="0" title="Divisor (ring theory)" />
      <page pageid="100069493" ns="0" title="Guided bomb" />
      <page pageid="100081685" ns="0" title="Romanian language" />
      <page pageid="100115074" ns="0" title="Silent and invisible letters in English" />
      <page pageid="100139750" ns="0" title="U.S. House Armed Services Committee" />
      <page pageid="100143258" ns="0" title="Air Force Materiel Command" />
      <page pageid="100143653" ns="0" title="Tinker Air Force Base" />
      <page pageid="100143658" ns="0" title="Oklahoma City Air Logistics Center/Definition" />