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    <allimages gaicontinue="032308_No_Priorities_TRY.png" />
      <page pageid="100160385" ns="6" title="File:001 Poached Breasts and Chaud-Froid Ready to Apply.jpg" />
      <page pageid="100115574" ns="6" title="File:001 roberts.jpg" />
      <page pageid="100160387" ns="6" title="File:002 First Coating of Chaud-Froid.jpg" />
      <page pageid="100160389" ns="6" title="File:003 In the Refrigerator to Set.jpg" />
      <page pageid="100160391" ns="6" title="File:006d Tarragon on the Chaud-Froid.jpg" />
      <page pageid="100160393" ns="6" title="File:008c Ready to Apply the Chicken Gelee.jpg" />
      <page pageid="100160395" ns="6" title="File:009 Applying the Chicken Gelee.jpg" />
      <page pageid="100160397" ns="6" title="File:010 Ready to Serve, with Extra Gelee Chopped and Scattered.jpg" />
      <page pageid="100174884" ns="6" title="File:011017-N-2383B-506 JDAM munition on the move.jpg" />
      <page pageid="100050408" ns="6" title="File:03130r.jpg" />